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Walnut Scrubs – What are they?

    One of the tools we use to remove hard-to-clean debris from hard-to-reach windows such as dried on bird poo, without using a ladder or scratching the glass is called a “walnut pad” or “walnut scrub”.

    We’ve looked into this tool before adding it to our armoury as well as testing it on practice glass at our head office. We also found that many people believe walnut scrubs are made of actual walnuts. However, this is not the case.

    Most scrub pads, including white non-scratch pads, are primarily made of polyester fibres. These fibres are woven together and melted to create the pad’s structure. The polyester is extruded, resulting in perfectly round sides. The pad is then coated with a formula that provides its abrasiveness. It’s important to note that this abrasiveness can wear off over time.

    When a product claims to be a walnut scrub, it is actually a walnut-colored polyester scrub. It is not biodegradable, and throwing it in a landfill will not result in its decomposition. It does however contain 15% walnut dust in the resin coating.

    To further explore the effectiveness of walnut scrubs, we took a look using a magnifying glass camera. Upon examination, we can saw polyester strands and a mixture of walnut on the scrub.

    However, the walnut particles do not appear sharp or abrasive. In comparison, a white non-scratch pad exhibits a different structure. The polyester strands are also present, but they are covered in a sharp powdered substance that gives the pad its abrasiveness. This substance glistens at different angles, resembling Swarovski crystals.

    While some window cleaners may claim that walnut scrubs are superior to other options, such as bronze wool or white non-scratch pads, the truth is that they do not provide the same level of effectiveness. Walnut scrubs may have a compelling story, but they do not always the right tool for the job. Although they are a low risk sturdy tool to have.

    In conclusion, walnut scrubs are one option for cleaning windows, we use. In conjucntion with other options like bronze wool, stainless steel wool, microfiber, magic erasers, green rubber, and now the gray non-scratch pads that are on the market we import from the USA and other countries to bring our customers the best possible service.