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Commercial Pressure Washing Lincolnshire

Lincs Window Cleaning Ltd is the premier choice for all your commercial pressure washing needs in Lincolnshire. We’re not just another cleaning service; we’re a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality service at competitive prices.

Popular Pressure Wahing services


Brighten unsightly algea, moss, grafitti, gum and general staining with our softwash solutions.

Steam Cleaning

Restoring delicate and frigile suraces such as stone with steam cleanng and low pressure.

Pressure washing

Heavy duty high pressure washing for areas such as carparks, playgrounds building and general outdoor areas.

Certified & experianced Team


Softwash City & Pureseal, Guilds Assured

Need a stain removing without using high pressure? You can rest assured we are soft wash professional city and guilds assured certified.


PASMA & IPAF Licenced

Do you gave hard to reach areas? The team hold PASMA for mobile scaffolds and IPAF certificates for a range cherry pickers ans scissor lifts. So nothing is out of rech.


10+ CPD certified training

The team undergo regular CPD training such as: working at height, asbestos awerness, first aid and more ensuring they are safe and complient at your site.

Need emergancy pressure washing?

We understand in the sensitive and fast-paced environment of many commercial businesses.  Emergency call-outs and out-of-hours services can be catered for to suit your needs.

Our Services:
Car Parks: Keep the first impression of your establishment impeccable with our top-tier car park pressure washing.

Buildings: From small storefronts to expansive commercial complexes, we make sure they shine brightly.

Algae and Moss Removal: Don’t let nature overtake your premises. We remove moss, algae, and other unsightly growths with precision.

Playgrounds: Ensure a clean and safe environment for kids and families.

Tarmack: Restore your tarmack to its original luster.

Sporting Courts: Be it tennis courts, basketball courts, or any other sporting surface, we bring them back to game-ready conditions.

Roofs: Enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your roofs.

Render & Brickwork: Removing biofilm such as black, red or green staining

Any Hard Surfaces: No matter the type, we’ve got it covered.

Block Pavings and Patios: Keep your outdoor spaces inviting and in top-notch condition.


Pureseal Approved applicator

Our certification means we use only the best methods and products for your property. As trained staff, we are certified to use HSE and label-compliant products for legal, safe, and effective chemical treatments on your surfaces.

Softwash Professional

City and Guilds-assured Softwash Professional certified team members ensure that correct methods, equipment, and health and safety regulations are complied with at all times on your commercial premises.

We aslo specilise in the following pressure washing services:

High rise sky lights

We can remove dirt, algae and moss that often leads to reduced litght inside industrial units. Priducing a brighter space filled with natural sunlight.

Wood decking

With the build of algae and dirt on and between grooves your decking. Leading to not just a sore on the eyes but a serious slip hazard too.

Graffiti and walls

We can professionally and safely remove graffiti from brick, plaster, marble and concrete on both commercial and domestic properties.


Revitalize your property with our professional render cleaning service! Our eco-friendly and effective techniques safely remove dirt, algae, and stains, enhancing your building's appearance and protecting your investment.


Restore the natural beauty of your stone. We safely remove dirt, moss, and stains, enhancing your stone's appearance and longevity. Protect your investment and enjoy timeless elegance with our professional stone cleaning solution.


Keep play areas safe and inviting with our playground cleaning service! We remove dirt and germs, ensuring a hygienic space for children to enjoy. Our service enhances safety, prolongs equipment life, and maintains the appeal of your playground.

We can clean REMOVE


Carbon Buildup

Carbon buildup is a common issue on exterior surfaces, primarily resulting from pollution. In urban areas or near busy roads, soot and exhaust fumes from vehicles and industrial activities release particulate matter, which can settle on buildings, walls, and other outdoor surfaces. Over time, this particulate matter accumulates, leading to unsightly black or gray stains that can be challenging to remove without professional pressure washing.


Algae growth on outdoor surfaces is typically caused by a combination of moisture and sunlight. Algae spores are always present in the environment but will only start to grow on surfaces when conditions are right. Poorly lit areas that retain moisture, such as north-facing walls or areas with limited sunlight exposure, are particularly prone to algae development. Without proper cleaning, algae can spread quickly, creating slippery, dangerous surfaces and detracting from the aesthetic appeal of the property.


Lichen is a symbiotic organism made up of fungi and algae living together. It thrives on outdoor surfaces, especially in areas with clean air, as lichens are sensitive to air pollution. Lichen prefers porous materials, such as natural stone or concrete, where it can anchor itself firmly. It is often found on roofs, walls, and pavements, where it can cause damage over time by retaining moisture and contributing to the erosion of the material it grows on.


While graffiti can sometimes be artistic, it is often unsolicited and considered a nuisance by property owners. Graffiti can be challenging to remove, depending on the surface material and the type of paint used, removed by our professional pressure washing or other specialized removal techniques.

Mud & Grime

Mud and grime buildup is usually the result of natural elements and human activity. Rain can splash dirt onto surfaces, and foot traffic can further embed this dirt into paths, driveways, and entrance areas. Over time, this accumulation of dirt and moisture can lead to a thick layer of grime that not only looks unsightly but can also become slippery and hazardous. Regular pressure washing can effectively remove mud and grime, restoring the appearance and safety of these surfaces.