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Blocked gutters in Lincolnshire?

Improve the look and more importantly the function of your gutters today. Blocked gutters can cause damage to your property through water ingress, causing floods, damp and structural damage. Unblock your gutters and let the water flow through them how it should, contact us today or visit our price list page.  

Gutter clearing

Gutter clearing is extremely important. Overflowing and blocked gutters can lead to further damage to your property. Including: 

Water damage – gutters are designed to let water flow to the ground and drainage system. If this process is impeded water can flow into your internal roof area and walls leading to costly repairs. 

Gutter collapse – debris collected in your gutter combined with water is heavy. It can lead to overloading casing them to collapse and damage the structures its attached to. 

Home to animals – leaves, soil, moss and twigs can attract rodents, insects, pigeons and other animals that can make their way into your loft area. 

Unsightly Aesthetics – your gutters can be seen by everyone lets face it they don’t look great with weeds growing out of them.


Gutter Cleaning Service 

Lincoln's Premier Gutter Clearing Service

Using high powered industrial vacuums, ensuring we can get to those hard to reach places as well as manually clearing your gutters by hand to ensure they are moss, dirt and debris free. To get a quote click here

experts in emptying

Blocked Gutters

The first stage at your property is a thorough gutter inspection to see where your gutters are blocked, taking before and after pictures for total transparency and your peace of mind.

Using the market leading gutter vacuums and equipment that can reach up to 4+ stories and over problem areas such as above conservatory roofs. Removing all debris blocking your gutters and downpipes, such as moss build up, leaves mulching and soil. We then take the debris away with us. 

Customer Reviews

Max and Alex are legends. Do the business every time. Polite, friendly, know what to do and never leave a mess. I've been using Lincs Window Cleaning for a while now, and have just purchased a new house that needed a gutter and barge board clean, as well as windows. The results are night and day different!
We had our gutters and soffits cleaned and the outside windows, sills, doors and frames done. They look so much better and we are really pleased.. We will be using Lincs Window Cleaning Ltd on a regular basis now and would highly recommend them.
North Hykeham
Max cleared all the guttering at our house today. Did a brilliant job. Would highly recommend him. He swept up front and back when he had finished the gutters (even after I told him that I would do it). Highly competitive rates. Thank you Max.

Gutter Clearing in Lincoln

Why is getting your gutters cleared important?

Blocked gutters are not only unsightly, they are actually the number one cause for damp in homes. This causes damage to both the internal and external materials of your building. When your gutters are full with moss, dirt and debris such as fallen leaves, this blocks the flow of water causing it to overspill. When the water falls usually on the ground or nearest wall it penetrates and over time, if left it can weaken building foundations.    

Clearing your gutters is a hugely cost effective service compared to repairing the damage that can be done to your building. 

We use high powered, purpose built gutter vacuums and high reach carbon fibre poles, to suck the debris out of your gutters and professionally dispose of the waste. Our high reach poles allow us to access hard to reach gutters such as over conservatories or up to 4 stories. If and when needed we can also manually access and clear your gutters with the good old fashioned ladder and hand method.

Here’s the summary:

Gutters Fully Inspected

Full System Vacuumed

Downpipes Inspected & Tested

Debris taken away, full waste carriers licence holder

No plug in needed so you dont have to wait in

Before and after photos for your peace of mind

Fully insured