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De-ionised - Pure Water - 000TDS


We have a commercial-grade, water-purifying filtration system, that we use to keep the windows of Lincolnshire sparkling and we can produce so much, we thought we would share that pure H2O!

Our filtration system consists of: 2, 20″ Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filters (1, 5 Micron Sediment Filter and a Carbon Block Filter), an Ultratec HF4 Reverse Osmosis Membrane (generally considered to be the best in the industry for this application) and a 23 Litre Deionisation Resin Filter using industry-leading  Tulsion MB-111 resin, leaving water with a 000PPM (Parts per million) TDS (Total dissolved solids) reading.

Cost: 4p per litre 

All water dispensed is digitally metered and will be rounded to the nearest litre

Pure water in Lincoln for...

Window Cleaners

Pure water for water-fed pole reach and wash systems

Car Valeters

Leaving a streak free and spotless final rinse down

Fish and Aquariums

Perfect for topping up and acquiring the perfect conditions for fish tanks

Ironing & Laundry

Use pure water for that super soft fabric finish

About Us

We invested in our commercial-grade water purification system as our window cleaning company grew. This allowed us to produce 1000’s of litres of pure water a day to keep the windows of Lincolnshire sparkling clean. As we moved to our commercial premises this year, we thought, “Why not share the good stuff?” and help our friends and neighbours from around the city of Lincoln with their pure water needs! 

We never know the worth of water 'til the well is dry.

Thomas Fuller

Contact us

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