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Solar Panel Cleaning Lincolnshire

    Are your solar panels living up to their full potential? Many homeowners may not realize that dirty or dusty solar panels can significantly decrease their energy output and efficiency. This is where professional solar panel cleaning services come into play, ensuring that your investment in clean, renewable energy pays off for years to come. With the increasing popularity of solar energy in Lincolnshire, keeping your panels clean is more crucial than ever.


    A specialized solar panel cleaning service not only removes built-up dirt and debris but also ensures that the panels are operating optimally. Climbing onto a roof to clean solar panels can be an unsafe endeavor for anyone who is not experienced or trained, making professional services a wise choice for many homeowners. Additionally, choosing a professional cleaning service can extend the lifespan of your solar panels by preventing damage from accumulated grime and reducing the risk of corrosion over time. By scheduling regular cleanings with experts in Lincolnshire, you can maximize your system’s performance and enjoy greater long-term savings on energy costs.

    Examples of solar panel Cleaning Across Lincolnshire

    Our recent solar penel cleaning Before and after images

    When it comes to lichen removal from solar panels, using pure water and specialist cleaning pads is a game-changer. These innovative tools ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process without leaving any residue or damage on the panels. However, it’s important to note that accessing solar panels for cleaning can be quite challenging, often requiring scaffold towers or cherry pickers for safe and efficient reach.

    Over the years cleaning the many solar panels in Lincolnshire, the use of pure water and specialist cleaning pads presents a unique solution to combat stubborn lichen growth. This approach not only maximizes the efficiency of cleaning but also minimizes potential harm to the environment by using eco-friendly methods. Additionally, addressing the access challenge by utilizing scaffold towers or cherry pickers highlights the commitment to ensuring proper maintenance while prioritizing safety for both workers and the solar panel system itself.

    you asked we answer

    Yes, we offer drone inspections to assess the condition of your solar panels. This service includes before and after pictures, giving you a clear view of the panel’s condition and the effectiveness of our cleaning.

    Clean solar panels have several benefits:

    Increased Efficiency: Removing dirt and debris allows the panels to absorb more sunlight, thereby increasing their power output.

    Extended Lifespan: Regular cleaning prevents long-term damage and wear, prolonging the panels’ life.

    Cost Savings:
    Efficient panels mean more electricity generated, reducing your reliance on grid power and saving you money.

    Maintained Warranty: Following proper maintenance guidelines, including regular cleaning, helps keep your warranty valid.

    The frequency of cleaning depends on several factors, such as your location, the climate, and the immediate environment (e.g., trees, birds, industrial pollution). Generally, we recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year, but we can provide a personalized schedule based on your specific needs.

    Yes, our service is designed to be environmentally friendly. We use pure water without added chemicals, reducing potential harm to the surrounding environment. Our methods are safe for your panels and the ecosystem.
    Regular cleaning of solar panels is essential to maintain their efficiency and output. Dirt, debris, and bird droppings can significantly reduce the amount of sunlight absorbed, leading to lower electricity generation. Keeping the panels clean ensures they operate at peak performance.
    What methods do you use for cleaning solar panels?A2: We use water-fed poles and pure water technology for most cleaning tasks. This method is gentle yet effective, ensuring that no residue is left on the panels. For hard-to-reach panels, we employ cherry pickers and scaffold towers. Our team is fully trained and holds PASMA and IPAF qualifications, ensuring safe and efficient access to all areas
    Q3: Do you use pressure washers or harsh chemicals for cleaning?A3: No, we avoid using pressure washers and harsh chemicals. Pressure washers can damage the panels and force water into the electrical components of the solar array. Harsh chemicals can void the warranty of the panels. We prioritize the integrity and longevity of your solar panels in our cleaning proces
    In cases where lichen or particularly stubborn dirt is present, we use manufacturer-approved treatments. These treatments are gentle and designed specifically for use on solar panels, ensuring that we can remove all dirt without damaging the panels or affecting their warranty.

    Contact our team to arrange a free estimate. We can give you an estimate to clean your solar panels usually straight away. For most domestic arrays, you can speed up the process if you can send up-to-date photos of your panels via email or WhatsApp. Alternatively, we can usually view them from our office via Google Earth if you provide your address. Factors that help us provide an estimate are the current condition and access. For instance, can we reach them from the ground with our water-fed pole cleaning system, or would we need to factor in the cost of hiring a cherry picker or scaffold tower if access is not easily accessible. Cleaning costs can range from £4 to £15 per panel, plus any access equipment such as scaffold or cherry picker hire.