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Gutter Cleaning Near Me Checkatrade

    Gutter cleaning near me

    When looking for gutter cleaning in your area its important to carefully look at the company you are looking to employ for the job. 

    Your gutters are an integral part of the structure of your home. Did you know blocked gutters are the number one cause of dampness in homes? This happens when there is a blockage and rain pours over the gutters either into your loft space or down the brick work penetrating the brick and mortar, making its way into your home. 

    Some gutter cleaning companies have a bad name and have been known to pull the following scams so here’s what to look for:

    • Not taking before and after photos. If the company doesn’t do this, how do you know they are clean? They may still have a lot of debris in there or have not been cleaned at all!  Make sure you request these and view them to ensure that the gutter cleaning and clearing has taken place and is up to standard.
    • Not checking the downpipes: Although the gutter surrounding the top of your house may be clear its important the downpipes are checked and cleaned. Even if they are blocked at the bottom, the water won’t soak away and it can work its way back up the downpipe and cause further leaks. 
    • Not being insured to carry out the work: Your home is probably your biggest investment and therefore it should be protected at all costs. If companies are not insured, you’re not covered if they damage your property, have an accident or even injure you or a member of the public. 
    • Not having a waste carriers licence: If a gutter cleaning company is taking debris away with them from your home to dispose of they need to hold a waste carriers licence from your local council. If the waste is fly-tipped or disposed of illegally the fine can lead back to you as the homeowner. 




    When it comes to finding a reputable gutter cleaning company, it’s important to know who to trust. That’s where Checkatrade comes in. Unlike other company listings, Checkatrade is an independent, third-party organization that conducts thorough background checks on each and every company listed on their website. Their meticulous policies ensure that only the most trustworthy and reliable businesses are approved to be listed on their site. From checking insurance to verifying previous customer testimonials and contacting each company for specifics about their work, Checkatrade is committed to providing you with the highest quality service. Even customer reviews are subject to follow-up calls and emails to ensure their authenticity. With Checkatrade, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a company with a verified track record of quality and professionalism. So next time you need your gutters cleaned, choose a company through Checkatrade for the peace of mind you deserve.

    Our comany is listed on checkatrade hers what a reputable Checkatrade gutter cleaning service profile should look like

    Top 5 Things to look for when looking for a gutter cleaning company

    When searching for gutter cleaning services near me on Checkatrade, there are several key factors to consider to ensure that you choose a reliable and effective service provider. Here are the top five things to look for:

    1. Checkatrade Membership and Reviews: Make sure that the company is listed on Checkatrade, which is a reputable trade directory. Check their profile for customer reviews. A good gutter cleaning company, for instance, should have high scores for reliability and workmanship.

    2. Experience and Expertise: It is essential to find a company that has significant experience in gutter cleaning. Experienced professionals will have the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with various gutter issues and handle various types of properties and guttering systems efficiently.

    3. Insurance and Safety Compliance: Gutter cleaning is sometimes risky. Therefore, it is important to choose a fully insured company that protects you in case of any accidents or damage to your property during the cleaning process. Check if they comply with health and safety regulations to ensure safe working practices.

    4. Quality of Equipment and Methods Used: The best gutter cleaning companies use high-quality equipment and effective methods such as gutter vacuums or high-pressure water systems. Ensure they use techniques that are safe for your type of gutters and remove debris and blockages effectively.

    5. Customer Service and Transparency: Good customer service is key. A reliable gutter cleaning service will be responsive, communicate clearly, discuss your specific needs, and provide transparent pricing without hidden costs while being upfront about their service. In conclusion, choosing a reliable gutter cleaning service provider listed on Checkatrade is vital to ensure your gutters are well-maintained and functioning properly.”