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5 expert tips from the professionals of window cleaning in Lincoln

    Tired from the same hectic cleaning daily? If you want to speed up your task and achieve more effective cleaning, then you are in the right place. Check out these amazing tips from the experts of window cleaning in Lincoln.

    • Clean your windows on a cloudy day:

    Do you think you should clean your windows in the sunshine? No, the experts recommend cleaning your windows on a cloudy day as the sunshine can quickly dry your windows. Due to a quick try, there is a chance that your cleaning method might leave streaks and marks on the windows.

    • Clean the frames first:

    If you want a fully professional cleaning, then you should know that it’s not just the glass, its also about the frames and sills too. Clean the debris and dirt from there by using a brush to effectively pick the dust.

    • Use a new squeegee blade:

    If you want zero streaks on your window, then you should use a new squeegee blade after a wash, and you will get fantastic results. You will remove dirt, debris, and stains without damaging your glass.

    • Buy two of everything when cleaning windows:

    If you are cleaning both inside and outside windows, then you should know this is not the experts do. They always use different equipment for indoor and outdoor to avoid any little dirt and give the perfect finishing.

    • Delicately remove tough stains:

    You need to be absolutely careful when removing tough stains as sometimes they don’t come off easily. So, don’t try too hard as it can cause scratches on your glass. That’s why you need to gently rub the glass and use the right tools.

    But still, if you are not sure whether you can do this yourself, then you can always rely on the authentic service of window cleaning in Lincoln.