Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning


Solar Panel Cleaning


High Reach

Safe access to your solar array is provided through the use of cherry pickers, mobile scaffold towers, and high-reach water-fed poles.

Drone & THERMAL Inspection

A safe solar cleaning inspection is carried out via a drone, with before and after images provided. We also provide termal imagery for your maintenance records during and after the clean.


Solar Panel Cleaning

At Lincs Window Cleaning Ltd, we understand the importance of maintaining your commercial solar panel array to maximise financial returns and accelerate your Return on Investment (ROI). Regular cleaning of solar panels is an integral part of this process.

Dirt and debris on solar panels can significantly impede their efficiency. By ensuring your solar panels are clean, you allow maximum sunlight to reach the solar cells, thereby increasing energy generation and, consequently, your financial gains.


Free thermal imagery photos of your array.

FREE thermal imaging photos with each clean, providing you with invaluable insights into the health and performance of your solar panels. This cutting-edge technology not only helps in identifying potential issues before they escalate but also ensures your system operates at its peak efficiency. With these detailed thermal images, you’ll have concrete evidence of your solar panels’ condition, adding an extra layer of confidence in your investment. 

Opt for our service today and take a proactive step towards maximizing your solar energy output while keeping a meticulous record for your peace of mind.

Boost Your Energy Efficiency and Savings Today!

Looking for the leading provider of professional solar panel cleaning services for commercial businesses in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire? Our specialized team is dedicated to ensuring your solar panels operate at their peak efficiency.

Increased Energy Production:

Dirt, dust, and bird droppings can significantly reduce your solar panels' efficiency. Regular cleaning ensures maximum sunlight absorption, leading to higher energy output.

Longevity of Panels:

Maintaining clean solar panels can prolong their life, protecting your investment.

Environmental Impact:

Maximize your contribution to a greener planet by maintaining optimal solar panel performance

Cost Savings:

Cleaner solar panels mean more electricity is generated, reducing your reliance on the grid and cutting energy costs.

LWC just cleaned my solar panels and did an excellent job. They Had not been cleaned for 7 years so was hard work. The output on comparable days was a 15% improvement, so will have them do them again next year.

Steve Wells



For advice on cleaning your solar farm or commercial building’s solar panels, or for queries about solar panel installation maintenance requirements, feel free to reach out to us at Lincs Window Cleaning Ltd. We’re here to ensure your solar investments are well-maintained, efficient, and profitable

Clean solar panels

Produce more energy

Benefits of solar panel cleaning

Increased Energy Efficiency:

Clean solar panels operate at optimal efficiency, ensuring maximum energy output. Dirt and debris can block sunlight, reducing energy production by up to 25%.

Longer Panel Lifespan

Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of harmful substances, which can cause long-term damage, thereby extending the lifespan of your solar panels.

Cost Savings:

By maintaining clean panels, businesses can significantly reduce their electricity bills, as cleaner panels generate more power, leading to lower energy costs.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal:

Clean solar panels enhance the overall appearance of your commercial property, projecting a positive image of environmental responsibility and upkeep.

Environmental Benefits:

Regular cleaning maximizes the environmental benefits of solar energy by ensuring panels work efficiently, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Early Detection of Issues:

Routine cleaning allows for the early detection of potential problems, such as cracks or defects, enabling timely repairs and maintenance, thus ensuring continuous and uninterrupted energy production.

Why Choose Lincs Window Cleaning Ltd?

Automated, manual, and mechanised cleaning, including advanced solar panel cleaning robots for ground and rooftop arrays.

Knowledgeable in maintaining panel integrity as per manufacturer warranties.

Comprehensive risk assessments and method statements, with adherence to health & safety regulations.

Visual inspections and feedback reports included in our service.

1000’s of panels cleaned across the UK with 100’s of 5 star reviews.

 All staff are trained and certified in solar panel cleaning and working at height.

 24-hour response available for urgent requirements.

Ensuring peace of mind and reliability.


Comprehensive solar panel cleaning service boasts a standout feature – a guaranteed 24-hour response time, perfect for urgent needs such as bird droppings, lichen growth, construction dust, or accumulated grime. This rapid response service is designed to quickly restore your solar panels’ efficiency.

Incorporating solar panel cleaning into your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) package is crucial. We’re proud to have provided our services to leading companies in the UK. We are eager to extend these services to your company as part of your comprehensive O&M strategy.

Our cleaning expertise covers all types of solar installations – from ground-mounted solar farms and parks to commercial and residential rooftop panels, as well as emerging solar solutions like solar carports.

Solar cleaning FAQ's

Is your solar panel cleaning environmentally friendly?

Yes, our cleaning process is environmentally friendly. We use pure water without harmful chemicals, ensuring our cleaning method is sustainable and safe for the environment. This approach aligns with the eco-friendly nature of solar energy itself, reinforcing your commitment to green practices.

What are the benefits of cleaning solar panels regularly?

Regular cleaning of solar panels ensures maximum efficiency and energy output. It also helps in extending the lifespan of the panels, maintains aesthetic appeal, and allows for early detection of potential issues. Clean panels can significantly contribute to cost savings by reducing your dependence on the grid.

Can you clean solar panels that are situated at extreme heights?

Yes, we can. Our team is equipped with high-reach water-fed poles capable of cleaning solar panels up to 50ft high. For even higher or more challenging locations, we utilize cherry pickers and mobile scaffold towers, allowing us to access virtually any solar array.

How do you ensure safety while cleaning high-level solar arrays?

Our team is IPAF  and PASMA certified. This means we are trained and qualified to use cherry pickers and scaffold towers to safely reach and clean high-level solar arrays. Our expertise ensures both the safety of our workers and the protection of your solar panels. 

IDo you use chemicals?

Absolutely but only if needed. We use only approved treatments that are specifically designed for solar panels. These treatments are gentle and effective, ensuring they do not void the manufacturer’s warranty. Our goal is to clean your panels thoroughly while maintaining their integrity and longevity.

What type of water is used in the cleaning process?

We use pure reverse osmosis de-ionized water for cleaning solar panels. This specialized water ensures a streak-free finish and effectively removes dirt and residues without leaving any deposits or chemicals on your solar panels.